A Guide to Advertising

What is advertising?

Advertising is a way of communicating something to someone. So, for example, an advert may tell consumers about a product or it may tell job seekers about a job. Adverts need to tell their target audience something about the product and/or service and they need to persuade them to act on the advert - n order to have a maximum effect on their target audience they will also need to appear where they can be seen.

In general terms advertising is called either 'above the line' (i.e. adverts on TV, radio or in newspapers/magazines) or 'below the line' (i.e. adverts that use print media such as leaflets and brochures).

Where do you find advertising?

There are many different places where you can find adverts. The most common ones include:

How are adverts made?

Most companies that need to run an advertising campaign will use an advertising agency to help them come up with an idea, design and text copy. They may also help advise them on where the advert should go to have maximum effect if they have a media planning department. Nowadays some companies will make up their own advertising which has got a lot easier with advances in technology